Dave Chappelle by John Bauld; Daphne Dorman (L) and Flame Monroe (R): Facebook pics

When silence betrays us

Our differences must be aired, not suppressed

Can we talk? Even — or especially — with a thorny subject in which we are bound to give and receive offense? If not, we are in trouble. We have already picked the low-hanging fruit. What is left is the hard stuff.

Such emotional blackmail causes many people to keep quiet, but does not change a single mind nor save a single life.

Any citation of pro-trans credentials is met with scorn. Any divergence from the party line makes me a clueless cis gay bigot blinded by privilege. If I cite trans comedian Flame Monroe’s defense of Chappelle, she will be dismissed as a sellout.

Former president, Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington. Charter member, NAACP-DC Police Task Force. Co-founder, Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington.