Illustration by Lawson. Handmaid photo: Mark Schneider

Then they came for the queers

We don’t top the hit list, but we’re on it

After President Bush endorsed the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004, I was quoted in the lede of a front-page Washington Post story that 25 years after I took an oath as a federal employee to defend the Constitution, the president was trying to write me out of it, and that was obscene.

Most of our community’s legal protections have been won through litigation.

Which brings us to the Supreme Court. Its conservative supermajority, engineered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, imperils most of the gains LGBTQ folk have won at the federal level. We may not be the first group to see its rights curtailed, but we are on the hit list.

Former president, Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington. Charter member, NAACP-DC Police Task Force. Co-founder, Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington.